ASHLEY BROWN | @AshleyEmpowers

Ashley Brown, affectionately known as "Ashley Empowers" is a speaker, entrepreneur, author and relationship blogger. She is a pioneer within the relationship community and she works daily to change the tone of the conversation about marriage and relationships around the world. She is the Creator & Host of "Dating With Purpose", a popular series & movement that promotes pursuing healthy relationships with God at the center. On her YouTube channel, “Ashley Empowers”,  Ashley has reached over 5 million people with her hit broadcast series that are designed to uplift and empower viewers. She received her MBA from Texas Woman's University and she is happily married to Carrington Brown, her strongest advocate and partner in business. 



Carrington Brown is a transformational speaker, former collegiate football player and the Founder of G.I.T.M Fitness (Greatness In The Making) an organization that seeks to help individuals become physically and spiritually fit. As a polished speaker, Carrington travels the world motivating and inspiring individuals to transform their lives through spiritual and self development. He is a mentor for NFL & collegiate football players and with his heart for God combined with his passion for fitness, he has been given the title " The Fit Pastor".